Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sarah Palin to Barbara Walters: 'I Believe' I Could Beat Obama

Sarah Palin may be one of the most fascinating people around, but this clip shows why she's still not one of the smartest.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL: Jon Hamm's 'Tootsie' Cameo

In case you missed the season finale of Children's Hospital on Adult Swim, here's Jon Hamm doing his best Dustin Hoffman.

SNL: Anne Hathaway Promos

In this week's SNL promo round-up Bill Hader throws his hat into the Michael Caine impression ring.

COLBERT REPORT: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Review

Stephen Colbert gets on the Sarah Palin's Alaska train by changing the name of his show to Stephen Colbert's Report.

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Stephen Colbert's Report
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JIMMY FALLON: Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen Sing 'Whip My Hair'

Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as old-school Bruce Springsteen perform the hottest new song about hair around.

DAILY SHOW: Lewis Black on TSA Screening and other Government Regulations

Lewis Black goes off on the Nanny State we have found ourselves living in.

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Back in Black - Nanny State
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CONAN: Promo for Black People

TBS has made an endless number promos for the new Conan show, but none of them have targeted black people. Until now.