Thursday, November 18, 2010

THE OFFICE: Wuphf (A Ryan Howard Production)

Ryan Howard first introduced the social networks that connects all of your other social networks back in May. Now, finally, the website is out of beta and ready for you to join. If you want to invest, you should probably just watch the sales pitch.

Alec Baldwin for Wegmans Grocery

Yes, this is real.

FUNNY OR DIE: Chevron Gets Greenwashed

Paul Scheer unveils the genius greenwashing ad campaign for Chevron.

Tina Fey's Censored Jokes About Sarah Palin

Finally, we can watch Tina Fey's jokes about Sarah Palin, which PBS cut from the Mark Twain Award presentation on TV. I just can't believe SNL let her get away with this sketch, but the jokes below were too scandalous for PBS,

JIMMY KIMMEL: National UnFriend-athon

Jimmy Kimmel enlisted some celebrity friends and turned his set into a phone back last night for National UnFriend Day.

DAILY SHOW: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Becomes 'Jason Jones' Bayonne'

One day after The Colbert Report transformed into Stephen Colbert's Report, The Daily Show brings us deep into the heart of New Jersey with Jason Jones' Bayonne.

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Jason Jones' Bayonne
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Mitchell lets loose and gives Cameron the gift of dance when he joins a flash mob at the mall.