Monday, November 22, 2010

Preview: Obama on 'Mythbusters'

President Obama ups his nerd status by appearing on Mythbusters to challenge the legend of Archimedes' solar ray.

CONAN: 'Harry Potter' Trailer

Conan found the latest Harry Potter movie a little dull.

"Somebody's missing a nose."

Trailer: 'Mean Girls 2' (Straight-to-DVD)

Two questions: How did Tina Fey let this happen? And really, Tim Meadows?

FUNNY OR DIE: Sarah Silverman's Thanksgiving Special

An animated look at Sarah Silverman's horrific childhood "Thankskilling" memories.

FAMILY GUY: Brian Does Bill Maher with Arianna Huffington and Dana Gould

Brian promotes his best-seller in this extended live-action appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher alongside Arianna Huffington and Dana Gould in a segment almost as memorable as Seth MacFarlane talking about Sarah Palin.