Wednesday, December 1, 2010

60 MINUTES: Mark Zuckerberg Profile Preview

A little late on The Social Network-mania, 60 Minutes profiles Mark Zuckerberg for the second time.

INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO: James Franco Talks to James Lipton

James Franco talks to James Lipton, mostly about drugs.

FUNNY OR DIE: Sarah Jessica Parkour

I can't believe nobody thought of this sooner.

Civil Unions: A Love Story

Because My Big Fat Greek Civil Union just doesn't sound like that much fun.

SNL: Kristen Wiig's Robert De Niro Impression

Kristen Wiig debuts her Robert De Niro impression in these promos for this week's show. It's not quite at Paul Rudd level, but it's pretty good.

CONAN: Spiderman on Broadway Sneak Peek

Conan O'Brien gave his audience an exclusive preview of Spiderman the Musical last night.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart on the Wikileaks Terrorist

The Daily Show takes a look at the government and media response to Wikileaks cable-gate.

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