Friday, December 3, 2010

Trailer: Mel Gibson in 'The Beaver'

Jodie Foster helps Mel Gibson make his comeback as a crazy person who wears a beaver puppet on his hand.

Epic Norwegian 'Let It Be' Sing-a-long

How many b-list celebrities can you get to sing "Let It Be" for Norwegian TV? More than you would ever imagine.

CONAN: Spiderman on Broadway (with Jeggings!)

How could Conan O'Brien's version of Spiderman the Musical get any more awesome? Just add jeggings!

White House Speechwriter Does Stand-up

White House speechwriter Jon Lovett won a comedy award last night, partly due to his Arianna Huffington impression.

Kevin Bacon's Kevin Bacon Impression

Kevin Bacon plays Kevin Bacon's biggest fan in this new ad for Logitech/Google TV. Hoping this is the first in a series of many.

Trailer: '127 Seconds'

From Dr. Coolsex, comes a new movie "based on an incredibly trivial story."

THE OFFICE: Michael Freaks Out about China

In this web exclusive clip from last night's episode of The Office, Michael finds out that China is surpassing the U.S. as a world superpower.

JIMMY KIMMEL: James Franco Shouts from the Rooftops

"I'm hosting the Oscars!"

COLBERT REPORT: The War on the War on Christmas (and Gaytheists)

Stephen Colbert launched his annual counter-attack last night. As Jesus said:

"If someone slaps you on the cheek, counter-punch!"

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DAILY SHOW: Sarah Palin's Wiki-Tweets

Jon Stewart examines Sarah Palin's Twitter outrage over the Wikileaks dump.

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