Thursday, December 9, 2010

CONAN: Sarah Silverman's Vagina PSA for Women

Sarah Silverman used her time on Conan to speak directly to America's women about their smelly vaginas.

CNN: Why WikiLeaks Isn't Constantly Trending on Twitter

CNN reports on Twitter's official explanation for why WikiLeaks isn't a consistent trending topic, which includes an infographic of Julian Assange vs. Justin Bieber.

THE VIEW: Prince Makes a Surprise Visit

Watch Prince run away after a very overwhelmed Sherri Shepherd tries to steal his gloves then tells him that she has "wanted to make love to you my whole life."

COLBERT REPORT: Steve Martin Appraises Stephen's Portrait

Stephen Colbert tries (and fails) to make Steve Martin's appearance on The Colbert Report as boring as his interview at the 92nd St. Y (with a little help from Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey and Andres Serrano).

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Exclusive - Steve Martin Extended Segment
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DAILY SHOW: Julian Assange, Terrorist or Freedom-Fighter?

Jon Stewart laid out the opposing theories on the character of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange last night.

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Julian Assange: To Catch a Somewhat Pasty Predator
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