Friday, December 10, 2010

Bernie Sanders' Epic 8 1/2 Hour Filibuster

Here's how Bernie Sanders ended his eight and a half hour filibuster against the extension of the Bush tax cuts on the Senate floor.

Obama Hands Over Presidency to Bill Clinton

Sure, it was only for one White House press briefing, but this has got to be significant.

Google's Zeitgeist 2010

Google tells the story of 2010 in this three minute ad for itself.

Trailer: 'Black Swan' vs. 'Showgirls'

Well, this was inevitable (and just as NSFW as you think it is).

Showgirls | Black Swan Trailer MASH UP from Jeffrey McHale on Vimeo.

Gawker's Top 100 Videos of 2010

Gawker.TV fits its top 100 videos of the year into a clean 170 seconds.

CNN: 'Dumb and Dumber' Diarrhea Interruption

CNN secured its place as the "dumbest" network on TV with this inexcusable mistake and/or prank.

Ron Paul's Pro-WikiLeaks Speech from the House Floor

Ron Paul continued to loudly express his support of WikiLeaks yesterday from the House floor.

"The hysterical reaction makes one wonder if this is not an example of killing the messenger for the bad news. Despite what is claimed, the information that has been so far released, though classified, has caused no known harm to any individual, but it has caused plenty of embarrassment to our government."

30 ROCK: Tracy Jordan in 'The Chunks'

On last night's episode of 30 Rock, we got short preview of Tracy Jordan in The Chunks, a movie that's "killing the African-American community, with laughter."

JIMMY FALLON: Paul McCartney Sings 'Scambled Eggs'

Jimmy Fallon gets Paul McCartney to sing "Yesterday" with the original place-holder lyrics.

COMMUNITY: The Stop-Motion Christmas Episode

I could post a clip from last night's stop-motion animated episode of Community, but really you just need to watch the whole thing. Wait 'til you find out what the true meaning of Christmas is.

JIMMY KIMMEL: John Krasinski as Spiderman

Not content to let Conan O'Brien be the only late night host making funny Spiderman videos, Jimmy Kimmel took his own unique approach last night.