Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 5 Funniest: Political Comedy Videos 2010

Last week, we looked at the Top 5 Funniest comedy TV shows of 2010 and the best clips from those shows. This week, we turn our attention to funniest political comedy videos of the year, made exclusively for the web.

Over the last couple of years, The Onion has established itself as the most consistently funny producers of original web video on the internet. This year, through the various arms of The Onion News Network (Today Now!, O-Span, OSN and more) they have delivered videos skewering a vast array of subjects from VH1 and Apple to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber. 2010 also marked the year that The Onion put out its first paid web content with the Future News short film. And in 2011, they will enter the realm of actual TV with IFC's Onion News Network and Comedy Central's Onion SportsDome.

The Onion may have made a name for itself this year by finding endless ways to make fun of Joe Biden, but it was their videos about President Obama which I thought were most successful. Some highlights include the video about the non-racist man who almost assassinated Obama and Obama's introduction of a high-speed bus system. But my favorite was this video from back in March that catches Obama lip-syncing a speech.

Obama Caught Lip-Syncing Speech

Funny or Die isn't typically known for political comedy, though there have been some prominent exceptions such as "Prop 8: The Musical". Earlier this year the site took a break from lending comedy street cred to Chris Klein, Ralph Macchio, Joshua Jackson and countless others to pull out all the stops with this epic Presidential reunion video, orchestrated by Ron Howard to help pass the financial reform bill. It was unprecedented to see every single SNL Presidential impersonator (plus Jim Carrey filling in for Phil Hartman) together in one place. The fact that it occurred on the internet as opposed to TV made it all the more exciting.

Comedians tried hard this year to find something funny about one of the least funny things to happen in recent memory: the BP oil spill. The man behind the BPGlobalPR Twitter account was perhaps the most successful at giving it to BP in an often hilarious and always subversive manner. Everyone from Aziz Ansari to Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Kimmel found the opportunity to get pissed about BP on TV. My favorite BP-related video of the year belongs to UCB Comedy, who gave us an inside look at what might happen if the BP executives spilled coffee on their conference room table.

If there was one film that was subject to the most parodies this year, it was probably Inception (with The Social Network close behind). We saw Bill and Ted's Excellent Inception, Toy Story 3: Inception, and of course South Park's version (liberally borrowed from College Humor). The Full Ginsburg took the political implications of the film one step further with their trailer for Palinception.

As evidenced by the "shellacking" heard around the world, 2010 was undeniably the year of the Tea Partiers (or Teabaggers as Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow and I like to call them). Comedians tried valiantly to make jokes about these increasingly erratic and unnerving politicians, but in the end nothing could ever be as funny as just putting a camera in front of them and watching what happened. Bill Maher created a wildly successful recurring bit on his show by just showing clips from his archives of Christine O'Donnell. The most eye-opening videos of the Teabaggers in action came from New Left Media, who produced several pieces throughout the year where they simply went to Tea Party events and asked very straightforward questions. The results are both hilarious and infuriating.

SNL: Crunkmas (Feat. the Wiggity-Wake for Ass Dan)

DJ Supersoak and Lil' Blaster and back with a star-studded Christmas event at the Metrodome.