Monday, December 20, 2010

CONAN: Robo-Santa and Crazy Christmas Decorations

Conan O'Brien opens his show tonight with an unveiling of the most ridiculous late night show set decorations you're likely to see on TV this holiday season.

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews Asks 'What Happened to John McCain?'

Chris Matthews asks the question we've all been wondering about John McCain.

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Preview: Elijah Wood in FX's 'Wilfred'

In which "the world sees a dog" and Elijah Wood "sees Wilfred." There's an entire series here?

JIBJAB: Obama and Biden Sing 'So Long To Ya, 2010'

JibJab makes a late play for funniest political comedy video of 2010 with this elaborate year in review musical puppet show featuring Barack Obama and Joe Biden.