Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MSNBC: Pat Buchanan Praises Sarah Palin's Use of 'Blood Libel'

Pat Buchanan declared on MSNBC that Sarah Palin's response to the Arizona shooting was "exactly right," including her use of the term "blood libel."

THE FULL GINSBURG: Robert Gibb's Final Press Conference

The Full Ginsburg predicts Robert Gibb's last day on the job as White House Press Secretary. Given his track record, I think we hope for something unexpected to happen.

LENO: Bill Maher Calls the NRA the 'Assassin Lobby'

Bill Maher used his appearance on the Tonight Show last night to go off on the NRA and the "bullshit" Second Amendment.

COLBERT REPORT: Vampire Weekend vs. the Black Keys Sell-Out Off

Members of Vampire Weekend and the Black Keys lobby for Stephen's Best Alternative Music Album Grammy vote by showing all of the ads that feature their songs.

"Clearly, you have both equally whored out your music."

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Sarah Palin Speaks on Arizona Shooting

Sarah Palin attempts to get her political career back on track by offering her first public statement on the Gabrielle Giffords shooting (if you don't count Twitter, Facebook and email to Glenn Beck).