Thursday, January 13, 2011

FUNNY OR DIE: 'Hipster Shore'

I think this would work better as an actual show than just a Funny or Die sketch.

"I looove music. Especially the kind that makes you want to fuck."

Sarah Palin Breathes Blood Libel

This compilation of every time Sarah Palin took a breath during yesterday's video statement makes a strong play for creepiest thing of the year.

COLBERT REPORT: 'The Word' Defends Sarah Palin

Stephen Colbert uses "The Word" to defend the continued use of angry rhetoric, like, say "blood libel."

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DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Finds a Way to Joke About the Arizona Shooting

After delivering a joke-free monologue reaction on Monday night, Jon Stewart transitions to making fun of Congress members' attempts to pass meaningless laws in response to the shooting in Arizona.

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