Tuesday, January 18, 2011

COLLEGEHUMOR: Aziz Ansari Adopts a Kid

CollegeHumor facilitates Aziz Ansari's New Year's resolution to adopt a kid.

LETTERMAN: Dave Calls Regis

David Letterman lands Regis Philbin's first interview since he announced he's retiring.

GMA: Newt Gingrich Gives Sarah Palin Advice

Of all the people to suggest "thinking through what you're saying" and being less "controversial..."

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: Larry David is King Kong and Godzilla Combined

Watch out. Larry David is coming to New York.

CNN: Golden Globe Winners Defend Ricky Gervais

These interviews with stars backstage at the Golden Globes confirm that it really is only the Hollywood Foreign Press who were offended by Ricky Gervais' jokes.

FUNNY OR DIE: Rob Lowe Flips Out at the Cast of 'Parks and Recreation'

The celebrate the triumphant return of Parks and Recreation this week, Rob Lowe expresses his dismay over the show's extended hiatus.

"How fucking long have I not been television?"

DAILY SHOW: Michael Steele Puppet Welcomes Reince Priebus

After being ousted by the RNC last week in favor of Reince Priebus, the Michael Steele puppet makes what will presumably be his final appearance on The Daily Show.

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