Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CONAN: MTV Follows Up 'Skins' with 'Dipes'

Now that MTV is toning down Skins to comply with federal child pornography laws, they may want to consider canceling Dipes.

FUNNY OR DIE: Inside Gallery 1988's Comedy Exhibit

Tony Danza, Michael Cera and Martin Starr check out Gallery 1988's comedy exhibit, featuring an especially provocative piece apparently painted by Nick Kroll.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Aziz Ansari Makes His Own Opening Credits for 'Parks and Recreation'

CollegeHumor continues its week of promoting Aziz Ansari with this alternative opening for Parks and Recreation.

COLBERT REPORT: Sarah Palin vs. Mika Brzezinski

Stephen Colbert uses a personal message to Mika Brzezinski as a platform to absolutely destroy Sarah Palin.

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Mika Brzezinski Experiences Palin Fatigue
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LETTERMAN: Dave and Betty White Drink Vodka

David Letterman had a fun night last night. After chatting on the phone with Regis Philbin, he took some vodka shots with Betty White.

ONN: Sarah Palin Gains Support from 'Morbidly Curious'

Now that the Onion News Network is on TV starting this week, they must be feeling pressure from the other cable networks to obsessively cover Sarah Palin's every move.

DAILY SHOW: Palin and Hannity Cognitive Dissonance Hour: SVU

Jon Stewart reacts to Sarah Palin's confusing interview with Sean Hannity.

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Petty Woman
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