Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNN: Anderson Cooper Attacked in Egypt

CNN airs the raw flip-cam footage of Anderson Cooper and his team getting attacked in Egypt this morning.

ONN: Autistic Reporter Covers Funeral

I think the Onion News Network may have just found their first star reporter.

Autistic Reporter Covers Gathering Of Crying People

SNL: Dana Carvey and Andy Samberg 'SCHWING!'

Apparently last week's SNL was way too current, so they're doing a throw back this week with host Dana Carvey and musical guest Linkin Park.

Bill O'Reilly Asks 'How'd the Moon Get There?'

Bill O'Reilly takes some time backstage at his TV show to make this video soliciting an answer to a question that's clearly been bothering him.

FOX NEWS: 'The Daily' Trumps Egypt

As ThinkProgress reports, Fox News took a 50 minute break this morning from covering the revolution in Egypt to report on News Corp.'s new iPad magazine.

The Auto-Tuned State of the Union

If you didn't feel like watching the full hour long speech, the Gregory Brothers give you the gist in just under two minutes.

CONAN: Nicolas Cage Terror Alerts

It makes sense that the Obama administration would replace colors with clips from Nicolas Cage films.

DAILY SHOW: Real Michael Steele Meets Puppet Michael Steele

The inevitable happened last night when the real Michael Steele finally appeared on The Daily Show and met his puppet doppelganger.