Friday, February 4, 2011

30 ROCK: Liz Lemon's Pregnant Photo Shoot

Liz pretends to be pregnant to help Jack and it climaxes with this oiled-belly photo shoot.

JIMMY FALLON: Dana Carvey Impression-Off

During the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon and this week's SNL host Dana Carvey trade impressions.

COLBERT REPORT: Bill O'Reilly's Moon Theories

Stephen Colbert defends Bill O'Reilly's theories about God and moon by asking some more questions of his own.

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PARKS AND REC: 'Twilight' Takes Over Pawnee

Will Forte guest stars as a massive Twilight fan who handcuffs himself to Leslie's office so that he can get the books into the town time capsule.

THE OFFICE: Kelly and Ryan Get Divorced

After impulsively getting married a week earlier, Kelly and Ryan announce to the office that they are getting divorced.

DAILY SHOW: Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart Switch Places

The Daily Show opens with a Freaky Friday-style switcheroo between Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart.

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Intro - Justin Bieber and Jon Switch Bodies
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