Sunday, February 6, 2011

GLEE: Katie Couric Interviews Sue Sylvester

The non-musical highlight of the post-Super Bowl Glee "event" was Sue Sylvester's sit down interview with Katie Couric.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Sitcoms Salute the NFL

In the most nostalgic ad of the night, everyone's favorite sitcom characters demonstrate their love for football.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Justin Bieber vs. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne asks "What's a Bieber?" in this ad for Best Buy.

SUPER BOWL: Black Eyed Peas' Fergie Butchers 'Sweet Child 'O Mine' with Slash

Midway through the painful half time show, Fergie made over one hundred million people yearn for Axl Rose.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Richard Lewis is 2011's Betty White

Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr star in this year's Snickers commercial, just like Betty White and Abe Vigoda before them.


When in doubt, use monkeys in your Super Bowl ad. Works every time.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Chevy Facebook Updates

There's something inherently funny about a car reading you a Facebook update from a first date who you're obviously not friends with yet or she wouldn't write "Best first date ever."

SUPER BOWL ADS: Budweiser-fueled 'Tiny Dancer' Sing-a-long

Character actor Peter Stormare has a star-turn in Budweiser's old west meets Almost Famous ad.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Bridgestone Reply All Disaster

Bridgestone recreates the feeling that pretty much anyone who works in an office has felt at least once.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Joan Rivers is the New Go Daddy Girl

The best kept secret of this year's Super Bowl ads was Joan Rivers as the hot new spokesperson for Go Daddy's .co product.

SUPER BOWL: Christina Aguilera National Anthem FAIL

Christina Aguilera gets the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, and forgets the lyrics.

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Pre-Super Bowl

For some reason, President Obama agreed to sit down for an interview with Bill "How'd the moon get there?" O'Reilly before the Super Bowl when the maximum amount of people would be watching.

WGA AWARDS: Kristen Schaal's Opening Number

Kristen Schaal hosts the "introverted Emmys."

SUPER BOWL ADS: Groupon and Cuba Gooding, Jr. Save the Whales

Groupon tries to stir up some pre-Super Bowl controversy with its series of ads that feel like PSA's for whales, Tibet and the rain forest but abruptly shift focus half way through.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Darth Vader Volkswagen Ad

As we learned from the New York Times, more and more brands are putting their ads online before the Super Bowl. Three hours before the game, Volkswagen is the clear winner with over 12 million views on YouTube.