Monday, February 7, 2011

WGA AWARDS: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet Sing 'Write It Gay'

While the east coast version of the WGA Awards had Kristen Schaal, the west coast had double the fun with Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family.

CONAN: Jeff Bridges on The Dude's Jellies

Jeff Bridges reveals that The Dude's interesting choice of footwear in The Big Lebowski were actually his.

Isaiah Whitlock Jr. (Clay Davis) Reads Lines from 'The Wire'

The marketing plan for the new movie Cedar Rapids has a lot riding on the meta-references to The Wire by former cast member Isaiah Whitlock Jr. But somehow they made this whole video without having him say his catch phrase, "Sheeeit."

GMA: Diane Sawyer Makes Donald Rumsfeld Cry

Diane Sawyer previews her exclusive interview with Donald Rumsfeld on Good Morning America.

TODAY SHOW: Volkswagen Darth Vader Kid Unmasked

The star of the Super Bowl's most popular commercial reveals himself on the Today Show, putting to rest my suspicions that it was a little person in that costume.

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