Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CONAN: Groupon Does Osama Bin Laden and the Trail of Tears

After uncovering their un-aired Hindenburg ad Monday night, tonight Conan O'Brien shows two more offensive Groupon commercials.

FUNNY OR DIE: Gina Gershon as Sarah Palin, Media Addict

Sarah Palin goes into withdrawal when the "Gotcha Media" stops paying attention to her.

Yo La Tengo Perform The Chinese Restaurant 'Seinfeld' Episode

So a bunch of people went to a Yo La Tengo concert and instead ended up watching a full reenactment of a classic Seinfeld episode instead.

Robert Gibbs is Not...

Politico makes a mash-up video paying tribute to everything White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is not.

The Winklevi Use 'The Daily' to Attack Mark Zuckerberg

I guess Rupert Murdoch is on Team Winklevi.

CONAN: Groupon's Hindenburg Super Bowl Ad

Conan O'Brien shows one more ad in the series of Groupon's offensive Super Bowl spots.

Little Darth Vader Meets James Earl Jones

After starring in the most popular commercial of the Super Bowl and unmasking himself on the Today Show, little actor Max Page went to Driving Miss Daisy on Broadway to meet the original Darth Vader.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Do You Know the National Anthem Better than Christina Aguilera?

Jimmy Kimmel's cousin Sal takes to the streets of Hollywood to see if "regular" Americans know our national anthem better than Christina Aguilera.