Friday, February 11, 2011

FUNNY OR DIE: Introducing AOL HuffPo

"Bringing the future back to 1996.”

Huffington Post Wishes Sarah Palin a Happy 47th Birthday

With 47 seconds of people mocking her.

Trailer: Russell Brand is 'Arthur'

In the remake of Arthur, for some reason Russell Brand picks Greta Gerwig over Jennifer Garner.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Jimmy Shaves Justin Bieber's Head

This would have been more exciting if Bieber wasn't wearing a bald cap.

30 ROCK: Tracy Jordan Gets His EGOT

And now people are going to start respecting him.

PARKS AND REC: Ron Swanson's Intervention

Parks and Recreation takes a page out of The Hangover's playbook when Ron and Tammy have a drunken night together and get remarried. Then Leslie organizes an intervention/reception.

THE OFFICE: Michael and Holly's PDA

After Gabe reminds the office about Dunder Mifflin's rules on PDA, Michael and Holly just fake it instead.

COMMUNITY: Andy Dick is Chevy Chase's Valentine

Chevy Chase's Pierce takes extra painkillers on Valentine's Day and we get to meet his imaginary pilot friend.