Friday, February 18, 2011

BILL MAHER: Heckler Interrupts Debate on Islam and Women

Bill Maher and Tavis Smiley try to have a healthy debate about the way Muslim men treat women and a heckler in the audience takes all of the focus.

Thom Yorke Dances to 'Single Ladies'

Radiohead's new album and music video dropped this morning, and already there's an awesome "Single Ladies" mashup.

FUNNY OR DIE: James Franco and Judd Apatow Skype about Cunnilingus in Movies

James Franco is really getting into this whole internet thing today. First he joins Twitter, now he's Skyping with Judd Apatow to get joke suggestions for the Oscars.

CSI: Justin Bieber Dies!

This is way more satisfying for way too many people than it should be.

James Franco Officially Joins Twitter

James Franco has decided to "go onto the web."

30 ROCK: Liz Lemon Gets a Cat

When Liz Lemon breaks up with Carroll, she completely gives up and becomes a spinster.

COMMUNITY: LeVar Burton Sings 'Reading Rainbow'

Bad things happen when Troy meets his childhood idol LeVar Burton.

PARKS AND REC: Crazy Ira and the Douche

Matt Besser and Nick Kroll are the wackiest morning drive time DJ's in Pawnee.

CONAN: Andy Richter Finally Kills Watson

Reigning Jeopardy champion Watson tries to steal Andy's job for the third time and gets taken care of once and for all.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Rips a Hole in the Blog-Time Continuum

All hell breaks lose when the Huffington Post Colbuffington re-posts Stephen Colbert's story about the Colbuffington Re-post. Somehow, Stephen failed to mention the Huffbert Nation.