Thursday, February 24, 2011

DAILY SHOW: Gay Obama Rejects DOMA

To celebrate the Obama Administration's rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act, The Daily Show set up the new Twitter feed @GayObama.

CONAN: Stephen Merchant Stick Insect Fight

Per Ricky Gervais' request, Conan O'Brien and Stephen Merchant battle each other like stick insects.

THE OFFICE: Who is Justice Beaver?

Jim and Dwight's plan to trick Todd Packer involves fake tickets to someone called "Justice Beaver."

The Muppets Perform LCD Soundsystem

The Muppets star in this completely unofficial music video for LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean."

Aron Ralston Dominates 'Minute to Win It'

While James Franco is out there campaigning for his Oscar and preparing to host, the man he portrayed in 127 Hours is showing off his one-armed skills on Minute to Win It for charity.

John Oliver Brings a Camel to Wisconsin

Here's some footage that didn't make it into The Daily Show's report from Wisconsin in which John Oliver tried to draw parallels with the Middle East.

COLBERT REPORT: Tea Party vs. the Wisconsin Unions

Stephen Colbert takes a page out of the Tea Party's playbook, dressing up as a "union goon" and putting a puppy in a wood chipper.

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Anne Hathaway as 'Evita' in Oscar Promo

They are clearly going with a musical theme this year. First James Franco gives us a snippet of Grease, now Anne Hathaway is playing Evita.

CONAN: Conan O'Brien Plays the Winklevi in 'The Social Network' Reenactment

With the help of some cutting edge technology, Conan O'Brien appears as both Winklevoss twins in the latest installment of "Acting Out the Oscar Noms."