Sunday, February 27, 2011

OSCARS: James Franco and Anne Hathaway Full 'Grease' Promo

The Oscars release more of the James Franco and Anne Hathaway Grease performance that as far as I could tell didn't make it into the actual ceremony.

OSCARS: Autotune the Oscars

Harry Potter, Toy Story 3 and The Social Network get autotuned.

OSCARS: Melissa Leo's F-Bomb

Melissa Leo drops an f-bomb during her acceptance speech for The Fighter.

OSCARS: James Franco and Anne Hathaway 'Inception' Opening

James Franco and Anne Hathaway pull an inception on Alec Baldwin in the opening to the 2011 Academy Awards.

Charlie Sheen ABC Interview Promo

Just in time for the Oscars, ABC releases the first clips from their big interview with Charlie Sheen this week.

Joel McHale Honors Future Dead Actors at the Independent Spirit Awards

After an opening sketch the parodied 127 Hours and a monologue mostly dedicated to cunnilingus, Joel McHale switched up the typical In Memoriam segment by honoring people who might die next year.

MEET THE PRESS: Scott Walker's Prank Call

David Gregory went there. During his interview this morning with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the host of Meet the Press confronted his guest with audio clips from the twenty minute long prank call from "David Koch."

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