Monday, February 28, 2011

PIERS MORGAN: Charlie Sheen Interview

Charlie Sheen wraps up a very busy Monday with an hour-long sit down with Piers Morgan.

12 MILE: Bill Maher Interviews Sarah Silverman

Bill Maher creates a much sillier platform than Real Time and uses it to laugh with Sarah Silverman about everything that's wrong with movies.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jesse Eisenberg's '127 Hours' Audition

I would also like to see James Franco's audition for The Social Network.

COLLEGEHUMOR: The Most Oblivious Man in the World

Tony Hale (aka Buster Bluth) is the Most Oblivious Man in the World.

Robin Williams is the Tiger in 'Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo'

Robin Williams is making his Broadway debut as a tiger in a play set at the Baghdad Zoo. "Good luck!"

TODAY SHOW: Charlie Sheen 'Tired of Pretending He's Not Special'

Charlie Sheen continues his ill-advised media tour on The Today Show where he explains how underpaid he is at $2 million an episode. Watch more of his crazy interview here.

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JIMMY KIMMEL: Mike Tyson in 'The President's Speech'

Jimmy Kimmel adapts The King's Speech for Americans, by showing the true story of how Mike Tyson helped George W. Bush overcome his stupidity.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Tom Hanks at the Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Pageant

Tom Hanks gives Jimmy Kimmel a behind-the-scenes look at his second career as pagenant coach for his daughter Sophie Hanks (rhymes with "trophy").

JIMMY KIMMEL: Post-Oscars Humpilates Infomercial

Jimmy Kimmel gets as many hot young actresses as he can (including the elusive Lindsay Lohan) to appear in his post-Oscars special.