Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Gets Therapy From Jane Lynch

Even Jane Lynch and the best of Charlie Sheen's interview rants can't quite justify the uproarious laugh track that accompanies Two and a Half Men.

COLLEGEHUMOR: James Franco Stoned at the Oscars

CollegeHumor counts down the Top Ten "James Franco is Stoned" moments from the Oscars.

Christian Dior Head Designer John Galliano 'Loves Hitler'

I can't say that I knew who John Galliano was before today, but I do now!

LETTERMAN: Trey Parker and Matt Stone 'Charlie Sheen-ing' at the Oscars

David Letterman asks Trey Parker and Matt Stone (on the show to promote The Book of Mormon) about their infamous Oscar gowns, and they explain that they were both "'Sheening' pretty hard" at the time.

COLBERT REPORT: Anonymous Hack's Stephen's Face

Stephen Colbert addresses the rumors that he has joined the hacker group Anonymous.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Charlie Sheen as Charlie Brown

Charlie Sheen pays five cents to get some much-needed advice from Lucy.

DAILY SHOW: CNN's Sophie's Choice of News

CNN embraces social media to let you choose what you want to see and completely let them off the hook.

TODAY SHOW: Charlie Sheen's Goddesses

In day two of The Today Show's wall-to-wall Charlie Sheen coverage, Jeff Rosin introduces America to "the goddesses."

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