Monday, March 7, 2011

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin vs. Kathy Griffin

Making fun of Kathy Griffin is sooo Presidential.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Just Say No to Sheen

CollegeHumor warns children about the dangers of Sheening.

Michael Steele Advocates Government Shutdown

For some reason ABC News is still listening to what Michael Steele has to say about how the Government is run (or not run).

Charlie Sheen, Auto-Tuned

It took this long for someone to make a dance-floor-ready Charlie Sheen auto-tune remix?

COLLEGEHUMOR: Always Open with Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett's DumbDumb production company takes product placement in online video to the next level with this new interview show hosted by David Koechner and set at Denny's.

IMPROV EVERYWHERE: King Philip IV Signs Autographs

Improv Everywhere brings 400-year-old King Philip IV to the Met to stand in front of his portrait and sign autographs.

GMA: Pixar's 'Up' IRL

National Geographic Channel successfully recreates the epic balloon house launch from Up.

FAMILY GUY: Evil Stewie

Stewie's evil clone tries to kill Brian and the real Stewie.