Wednesday, March 16, 2011

JIMMY FALLON: Tiger Woods Comes Back to Late Night

Remember Tiger Woods? He's the person everyone talked about before Charlie Sheen came along.

'Parks and Rec' at PaleyFest 2011

Aziz Ansari compares Parks and Recreation to Seinfeld, and I'm sort of OK with that.

Jokes that Didn't Get Gilbert Gottfried Fired

FilmDrunk demonstrates that you can say anything you want in your stand-up act, but once you put it on Twitter, you're probably going to get fired.

FUNNY OR DIE: Todd Barry is the 'Black Swan'

It turns out that Todd Barry's character from The Wrestler was the original inspiration for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan.

JIMMY FALLON: Pee-wee Herman Surprises Ted Danson

I'm pretty sure Jimmy Fallon held his entire interview with Ted Danson in the dark so that Pee-wee Herman could be sitting on the couch when they turned the lights back on.

LETTERMAN: Mindy Kaling on Charlie Sheen

The Office's Mindy Kaling compares Steve Carell to Charlie Sheen and talks about how much more exciting CBS is than NBC.

The Situation Bombs at Donald Trump Roast

How did comedians roasting other comedians turn into reality stars roasting other reality stars?

"Maybe comedy ain't my game right now."