Thursday, March 17, 2011

COMMUNITY: The Gang Plays With Their Gadgets

In the final scene of tonight's episode, the Greendale gang reenacts an all-too familiar scenario.

GMA: Donald Trump on 2012 Presidential Run

It seems like Donald Trump's primary obstacle to becoming President would be coming off as an arrogant rich asshole. This comment this morning on Good Morning America didn't exactly help that problem.

"I mean part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich."

LETTERMAN: Steve Martin on Twitter

Here's what Alec Baldwin missed when he walked out on the Late Show so he wouldn't have to see Steve Martin last night.

JIMMY FALLON: Amy Poehler Begs Bill Murray to Play the Mayor on 'Parks and Rec'

Bill Murray is an elusive guy, but hopefully he'll heed Amy Poehler's call.

Jesse Heiman is the World's Greatest Extra

This is especially impressive when set to this music.

ONN: Ben Stiller's Shaken Manchild Syndrome PSA

Ben Stiller lends some rare celebrity credentials to the Onion News Network to speak out against Shaken Manchild Syndrome.

PSA: Ben Stiller Speaks Out Against Shaken Manchild Syndrome

'Community' at PaleyFest 2011

At Community's PaleyFest panel Ken Jeong talks about "Chang-ing it up or Chang-ing it down" depending on what the scene calls for.

FUNNY OR DIE: Boston Movie Trailer

This is basically a total rip-off of Improv Asylum's "Oscar-Winning Boston Movie" but it's still fairly enjoyable, at least to anyone from Boston. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

JIMMY KIMMEL: Fred Willard Counts Oprah's Shoes

Jimmy Kimmel introduces the new show that will really put the OWN network on the map.

SXSW's 'Excellence in Title Design'

This promo from the SXSW 'Excellence in Title Design' competition is a gold mine for both design and film nerds.

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

LETTERMAN: Alec Baldwin Ditches Steve Martin

Alec Baldwin leaves Letterman's audience when he finds out his frenemy Steve Martin is going to be on the show.

Trailer: Tom Hanks' 'Larry Crowne'

It may not be Toddlers and Tiaras, but Tom Hanks gives himself a chance to be funnier than usual in this new film that wrote, directs and stars in with Julia Roberts.