Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CONAN: Eric Stonestreet Stuffs His Bike Shorts

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet tells Conan O'Brien about the time he may or may not have stuffed his bike shorts on set.

FUNNY OR DIE: Danny Pudi is a Magician in Bed

This is where the magic happens.

LETTERMAN: Dana Carvey's Charlie Sheen Impression

While Jimmy Kimmel had the actual Charlie Sheen on his show, David Letterman had Dana Carvey teaching people how to do a Charlie Sheen impression.

CNN: Fox News' Human Shield Lies in Libya

CNN's Nic Robertson calls out Fox News for lying claims that reporters are being used as human shields in Libya.

COLBERT REPORT: Steve Martin Plays the Banjo

In possibly his last appearance on The Colbert Report, Steve Martin goes from art appraiser to banjo player.

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Steve Martin
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DAILY SHOW: Firing Teachers or Tomahawk Missiles?

The Daily Show came back from a week of vacation to a whole new set of world catastrophes. Jon Stewart's opposition to the non-war in Libya leads to a brilliant idea: using fired teachers as Tomahawk missiles.

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Odyssey Dawn
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JIMMY KIMMEL: Charlie Sheen Surprises Mark Cuban

Charlie Sheen's surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live blew away Jon Cryer's surprise appearance on Conan. Sheen hadn't been on TV in about a week, so this was clearly a big deal.