Thursday, March 24, 2011

Obama Gets Locked Out of Oval Office

This can't be a good sign. But, at least he didn't react as awkwardly as Bush did when he tried to open the wrong door at a press conference.

Norm MacDonald Shows Off His NCAA Bracket

Norm MacDonald compares his bracket to Obama's and manages to call the President a "big, grinning idiot" in the process.

Conan O'Brien Gives Martha Stewart Hair Advice

This is just one of the funny moments you can expect from Martha Stewart's "Men Who Make Us Laugh" special, which also features Seth Meyers doing farm work.

THE VIEW: Donald Trump is a Birther

Donald Trump brings his new found birther views to The View.

THE OFFICE: Michael Proposes to Holly With Fire

Pam steers Michael away from a potentially disastrous proposal method on tonight's new episode of The Office.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Always Open with Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is the latest comedian to grace the Denny's of CollegeHumor's "Always Open with David Koechner."

COMMUNITY: 'Pulp Fiction' Preview

Tonight on Community, Pulp Fiction takes over Greendale.

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin Gives Up on the 'Gotcha Media'

Sarah Palin made the bold announcement to Greta Van Susteren that she has decided to stop "whining about a liberal press." If that's what it takes to appear more presidential...

JIMMY FALLON: Trey Parker's 'Immature' 80's Love Songs

Jimmy Fallon debuts the original 80's love songs of Trey Parker (of South Park and The Book of Mormon), including the hit single "I Spit on Your Love."

JIMMY KIMMEL: Spider-Man: Call an Ambulance

Jimmy Kimmel re-brands Spider-Man the Musical once again, this time putting all of the focus on the injuries.

Trailer: Morgan Spurlock's 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold'

POM Wonderful presents a new movie about product placement and advertising.

COLBERT REPORT: 'The Word' on Nuclear Power

Stephen Colbert uses "The Word" to examine how America is "over-reacting" to Japan's nuclear meltdown.

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DAILY SHOW: Wyatt Cenac on the Westhampton Eruv

Wyatt Cenac ventures deep into Long Island to cover the growing controversy around the Eruv, or Jewish free-for-all zone, that may be erected around Westhampton.

MODERN FAMILY: Nathan Lane Hits on Jay

When Mitchell's Dad joins boy's night out, he fits in better than anyone could have expected.