Friday, March 25, 2011

Preview: Chris Lilley's 'Angry Boys'

Chris Lilley, creator of the endlessly brilliant Summer Heights High, is coming back to HBO with Angry Boys.

THE OFFICE: Will Ferrell as the New Boss?

In this first teaser of Will Ferrell's upcoming stint on The Office, he gets Steve Carell to give him a backwards hug.

COMMUNITY: 'My Dinner with Andre' Dinner with Abed

It turns out that last night's episode of Community was less Pulp Fiction, more My Dinner with Andre. With a whole lot of Cougar Town thrown in for good measure.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Presidents Failing to Open Doors

Jimmy Kimmel takes my post from yesterday to the next obvious level.

COLBERT REPORT: Larry Kudlow's Japanese Earthquake Commentary

Stephen Colbert finally gets around to defending CNBC's Larry Kudlow and his unfortunate views on the Japanese earthquake.

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DAILY SHOW: Our Stepfather Republican Governors

Jon Stewart examines how the new Republican governors have transformed into psychotic stepfathers.

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PARKS AND REC: DJ Roomba Goes Camping

Each character on Parks and Recreation has their own style of camping. But my favorite is Aziz Ansari's Tom Haverford who brought along his old friend DJ Roomba.

30 ROCK: Aaron Sorkin and Liz Lemon Go For a Walk

Liz Lemon competes with Aaron Sorkin for a gig on The Sing-Off and dares to mention Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.