Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HARDBALL: Bill Maher Stands By Palin and Bachmann Jokes

Bill Maher defends his jokes about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and responds to Obama's Libya speech, to Chuck Todd on Hardball.

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CONAN: Olivia Munn Talks About Balls

Olivia Munn asks Andy Richter and Paul Giamatti about the size of their balls on Conan.

FUNNY OR DIE: Tara Reid in 'The Big Lebowski' Sequel

Tara Reid makes good on her promise, playing every role in The Big Lebowski 2.

Conan O'Brien Accepts His Shorty Award

Conan O'Brien couldn't be there in person, which allowed him to give an acceptance speech longer than 140 characters.

Donald Glover and a 'Community' Fan Do ‘La Biblioteca’ Rap

A very happy fan of Community gets the chance to beatbox and rap with Donald Glover.

COMEDY AWARDS: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Give Advice on Making Viral Videos

Similar to Tina Fey, Will Ferrell uses his time on the Comedy Awards stage to throw some NSFW language around and offer tips on making great viral videos.

JIMMY FALLON: Stephen Colbert to Sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' with The Roots

But only if you go to DonorsChoose.org/FallonColbertProject and help Jimmy Fallon raise the $26,000 he never promised to Stephen Colbert.

JIMMY KIMMEL: 'The King's Speech' PG-13 Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel premieres the new re-cut trailer for the PG-13 version of The King's Speech (unfortunately not starring Mike Tyson).

COLBERT REPORT: Michael Moore Defends Unions

Two rhetorical masterminds go head-to-head to debate unions vs. rich people.

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DAILY SHOW: Bronx Zoo Cobra Tours Manhattan

The Daily Show gives us a glimpse of what the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra has been up to over the weekend.

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Poisonous Cobra Enjoys Freedom
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