Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama Has His Own Computer

Make no mistake, the President has his own computer.

Indiana Rep. Eric Turner Says Women Will Claim Rape to Get Abortions

He doesn't "want to disparage in any way someone who has gone through the experience of a rape or incest," he just wants to point out a potential loop hole.

LETTERMAN: Norm MacDonald's Twitter Feud With Steve Martin

First Steve Martin spent his Late Show interview talking about Twitter. Now Norm MacDonald had a full on Twitter conversation with Steve Martin during his interview. Maybe we don't even need talk shows anymore?

TODAY SHOW: Michele Bachmann Embraces the Anti-War Movement

Michele Bachmann got her chance to follow in Sarah Palin's footsteps and express disgust with President Obama's Libya policy and offer what she would have done differently. She also thinks Matt Lauer has compassion for Al Qaeda.

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SNL: Elton John as Benny Hill

Elton John chases Jason Sudeikis around like Benny Hill in this week's SNL promo.

COLBERT REPORT: Jimmy Fallon's Rebecca Black Challenge

Stephen Colbert urges his fans not to donate money to so he won't have to sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with The Roots on Friday.

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DAILY SHOW: Obama's Libya Speech Reaction

Jon Stewart spent most of The Daily Show last night responding to Obama's speech on Libya, demonstrating a little more common ground with Sarah Palin than I'm comfortable with.

In this clip, Stewart helps put Wolf Blitzer Presents: Wolf Blitzer's Obama Doctrine in a historical context. One thing we know is that we're definitely not in a "squirmish."

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