Monday, April 4, 2011

CONAN: Charlie Sheen, Lord of the Dance

Conan O'Brien is surprised by the footage that leaked from Charlie Sheen's show in Detroit.

Tim Pawlenty is Caught in a 'Bad Romance'

In a desperate attempt at cultural relevance, Tim Pawlenty told college Republicans in Iowa this weekend that "if this was a Lady Gaga song, the relationship between the youth vote and Barack Obama would be 'Bad Romance.'" I think he's got it backwards.

Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'The Governator' Cartoon Series

Featuring guest voice Larry King. I'm just going to go ahead and assume this is a real thing.

Charlie Sheen's Tour Video Filler

Reports from at least the first of Charlie Sheen's "Torpedo of Truth" Tour shows said that a far too high percentage of the "live" show was taped video content. I'm guessing this seven-minute "unedited" nonsense is one of the pieces he's showing his audiences. This is one step away from Mr. Brainwash's street art "documentary" Life Remote Control

Tim Pawlenty's Response to Obama's 2012 Campaign Video

Tim Pawlenty was eager and ready to respond to Obama's optimistic, down-to-earth 2012 announcement video with his own epic, fear-inducing campaign trailer. Can't wait to see how Stephen Colbert responds to this one.

Charlie Sheen Turns it Around in Chicago

After the total disaster that was the opening night of his tour in Detroit, apparently Charlie Sheen got it together last night in Chicago and delivered a show that people actually stayed to watch.

From this clip, it looks like he resorted to the seated, off-the-cuff interview formula that got him to this point in the first place.

FACE THE NATION: Lindsey Graham Comes Out Against Free Speech

Appearing on Face the Nation yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham expresses his views on free speech during war time. And Bob Schieffer doesn't blink.

Gmail Motion IRL

All it took was some clever use of Microsoft Kinect to make one of Google's April Fools' Day pranks work in reality.

Obama's 2012 Re-election Campaign 'Begins With Us'

It's not April Fools' Day anymore. 2012 starts now. Are you in?