Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LETTERMAN: Dave Bids Katie Couric Farewell

David Letterman thinks his CBS network-mate Katie Couric might be ready to call it quits.

CONAN: Tracy Morgan at the White House

One night after going on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Tracy Morgan heads over to Conan to talk about the time at the White House Correspondents Dinner that he asked Colin Powell if it was OK to tell people that he's his biological father.

FUNNY OR DIE: Patton Oswalt and Michael Chiklis Have a Twin Baby Conversation

If you thought those talking twin babies were creepy...

LENO: Tracy Morgan Does Not Like Black Pudding

Jay Leno tries to get Tracy Morgan to eat Neve Campbell's black pudding. Tracy is not amused.

CNN: Aflac Voice Auditions

Now firing Gilbert Gottfried, Aflac is searching for his replacement.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison Carpool

This is what happens when Glee's Jane Lynch and Matt Morrison are stuck in a car together.

ONN: People Express Opinions on the Street After Internet Outage

The Onion News Network imagines how people would react if Facebook, Twitter and blogs were taken away from them.

Internet Outage Forces Public Into Street To Voice Their Inane Opinions

Sarah Silverman and the Serenading Unicorn

Sarah Silverman falls in and out of love with the Serenading Unicorn in a new viral ad for Juicy Fruit gum.

"I know I have horse-like features but I'm a person!"

COLBERT REPORT: The GlennPocalypse

Stephen Colbert shows you how to prepare for a post-Glenn Beck world.

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The GlennPocalypse
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DAILY SHOW: Obama's 2012 Campaign Launch

From "Yes we can" to "You know, whatever." Jon Stewart does not take it easy on the first day of Obama's 2012 campaign.

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Victory Lapse - Obama Transparency Award
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Anyone But Trump 2012

The Full Ginsburg urges you to vote for Anyone but Donald Trump in 2012.