Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glenn Beck Announces Departure From Fox News

Just like Paul Revere, Glenn Beck just can't stay on that horse for the rest of his life. He has to fight the revolution. I personally am terrified to find out what that means.

Trailer: Steve Carell in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

Steve Carell gets divorced and tries to find love (with the help of Ryan Gosling), all to the melancholy sounds of Grizzly Bear.

Jared Leto Sings 'Rape Me' as Kurt Cobain

Jared Leto posted this video on YouTube to mark the seventeenth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. If you loved the 90's, you will be very into this.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Always Open with Will Arnett

David Koechner plays the "scenario game" with Will Arnett in the newest episode of "Always Open."

FUNNY OR DIE: 'Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry'

When Helen Mirren's not hosting SNL, she's starring in the vampire-themed sequel to When Harry Met Sally with Billy Crystal.

SNL: Helen Mirren and Fred Armisen Get Down 80's-Style

Apparently this weekend's SNL will have a late-80's/early 90's cheesy hip-hop theme.

CONAN: Larry King Hosts Show From the Rafters

Before Tracy Morgan came on, Conan O'Brien discovered that Larry King has been hosting his own show from the rafters of the studio.

COLBERT REPORT: Frank Jameso, James Franco's Evil Twin

Before James Franco sits down with Stephen Colbert for a two-part interview, his twin brother Frank Jameso helps Stephen plot against his "Renainemesis."

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Renaissance Nemesis - Frank Jameso
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DAILY SHOW: 'Polish That Turd' Spins Scary Stories

The new segment from The Daily Show turns to a panel of experts to look on the bright side.

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Polish That Turd - Flying, Nuclear Waste & Deadly Protests
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