Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Phone Hang Ups Without Saying 'Goodbye' Supercut

There has to be some massive conspiracy going on here.

Brian Williams Praises the Brooklyn Flea

If you happen to be riding in a New York City taxi cab this Spring you might get to see this video in which Brian Williams gushes about the time of year in Brooklyn when the "hipsters are out."

"If you want to blend in a little more thoroughly, get yourself a nice thick ironic glass frame. Go to one of those Marrakesh-like outdoor artisanal markets. Brooklyn's a festival this time of year. They're openly making handmade grilled cheese sandwiches, all kinds of leather goods, tin, silver, it's like a walk back in time!"

LETTERMAN: Alec Baldwin Goes to Washington

Alec Baldwin explains the difference between the House and the Senate.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: Behind the Scenes of Season 8

Even more exciting than Will Ferrell on The Office is Ricky Gervais on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

PITCHFORK: 'Over/Under' with Das Racist

In this NSFW and all-around hilariously offensive video from Pitchfork, the guys of Das Racist decide whether things like Glee, Paula Poundstone and washing your hands are overrated or underrated.

THE OFFICE: Will Ferrell Talks About Joining the Team

If you just can't get enough Will Ferrell on The Office action, here's a new interview feature in which he talks about how John Krasinski still doesn't know his name, among other things.

FUNNY OR DIE: Amy Sedaris' Elaborate Chipotle Commercial

Amy Sedaris eats a lot of burritos in this viral ad for Chipotle on Funny or Die.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Donald Trump is Obama's 'Worst Nightmare'

The Donald makes a blustery debut in his new weekly segment "Monday Mornings with Trump."

Real Men Against Child Sex Slavery

Didn't think a PSA against sex slavery could be funny? Meet the new "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign from the Demi & Ashton Foundation, in which "real men" celebrities show off their masculine skills. You can even put yourself in the video of your choice at