Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trailer: 'The Royal Wedding Hangover'

The Hangover gets the royal treatment in this parody from LandlineTV.

New Hampshire Teabaggers for Gay Marriage

These Tea Party demonstrators in New Hampshire haven't noticed any changes to the state since it legalized gay marriage.

GMA: Michele Bachmann Gives Up the Birther Fight

After standing by her "I take Obama at his word" birther stance back in February on Good Morning America, Michele Bachmann changed her tune this morning when George Stephanopolous presented her with Obama's certified certificate of live birth.

First Bill O'Reilly, now Michele Bachmann. Will Donald Trump be the last birther standing?

JIMMY KIMMEL: Donald Trump vs. George Stephanopoulos

Jimmy Kimmel emphasizes yet another way Donald Trump's Presidential run is like a reality show.

"We're gonna see what happens."