Friday, April 22, 2011

THE OFFICE: Dundies Opening Sketch

Featuring co-host Michael Scott as Angela, Jim and Phyllis. And other co-host Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) as an unfunny actor with bad timing. What do you think, funnier than the Golden Globes?

30 ROCK: Tom Hanks Takes Tracy Off the A-List

In the epic finale of last night's 100th episode, Jack Donaghy makes a self-referential speech to Tracy Jorgan about how people never take you seriously when you move from film to TV.

Then, Tom Hanks calls up George Clooney to get webmaster Brad Pitt to officially remove Tracy from the Hollywood A-List.

PARKS AND REC: Leslie Joins

Leslie Knope tries internet dating and discovers that Tom Haverford is her soul-mate-level match.

COMMUNITY: 'Glee' Parody Kicks Off Clip Show

Community expertly skewers all of its own cliches in this fake flashback clip show, beginning with the show's second Glee parody (remember this?).

30 ROCK: Tracy Does Rachel Ray, Regis & Kelly and the Today Show

On the 100th episode of 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan attempts to self-destruct on a tour of the morning shows.