Monday, April 25, 2011

CNN Settles Birther Debate

CNN does what Donald Trump's private investigators apparently haven't been able to in Hawaii, getting to the bottom of the birther thing once and for all. So... we're going to stop talking about this now?

THE OFFICE: Steve Carell's Final Episode Promo

If you thought it couldn't get any more emotional than the entire cast singing "Seasons of Love" to Michael Scott, you were wrong.

CONAN: Will Ferrell's 'Beardpocalypse' Promo

TBS is now openly promoting Will Ferrell's plan to shave off Conan O'Brien's beard on May 2nd.


The fifteenth season of South Park begins on Wednesday.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Donald Trump vs. Robert De Niro

Donald Trump finds himself in the strangest celebrity feud since the one he had with Jerry Seinfeld last week.

Trailer: Paul Rudd is 'Our Idiot Brother'

So this is why Paul Rudd was sporting a giant beard that whole time.