Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preview: MTV's 'Geordie Shore'

The Oscar Wilde version of Jersey Shore may have been fake, but this British version is all too real.

Obama's Birther Speech

President Obama is forced to do what he has always resisted: address the birthers publicly and hand a win (of sorts) to Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump Takes Credit for Obama Birth Certificate Release

Even when being proven wrong, Donald Trump is a smug asshole.

CNN: White House Releases Obama's Birth Certificate

CNN excitedly breaks the news that President Obama's "long" form birth certificate in now available online.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jeffrey Tambor's 'Win Win' Philosophy

Jeffrey Tambor helps promote his new film Win Win by explaining his personal philosophy on Funny or Die.

JIMMY KIMMEL: 'Can You Keep a Straight Face While Interviewing Donald Trump?'

JImmy Kimmel introduces "the most challenging game show yet."

COLBERT REPORT: Mitt Romney's 'Peacetime' Gaffe

Stephen is all over the Republican presidential candidates for 2012 "like white on Republicans."

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Mitt Romney's "Peacetime" Gaffe
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