Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE OFFICE: Steve Carell Says Goodbye

Steve Carell admits to co-star Angela Kinsey that he's making a huge mistake leaving The Office.

Jerry Seinfeld Loves Donald Trump

Jerry Seinfeld loves Donald Trump because he's "God's gift to comedy." I guess the feud's over?

THE OFFICE: Michael Scott's Worst Impressions

From Vulture, a comprehensive montage of Michael Scott's worst impressions.

COLBERT REPORT: Donald Trump Moves On From Birther Issue

Donald Trump thinks it's time for the nation to move on to more important matters: Obama's Occidental College records.

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America Needs to See Obama's Report Cards
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DAILY SHOW: Obama's Birth Certificate 'Non-shell'

Jon Stewart covers the media reaction to Obama's birth certificate release and Donald Trump's proud response.

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Believe It or Believe It - Obama Releases Long-Form Birth Certificate
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LETTERMAN: Obama's Birth Certificate Top Ten

Dave counts down the top ten surprises on Obama's "long form" birth certificate.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Trump's Investigation Team are the Brady Bunch

And they really are finding some interesting things in Hawaii.

Amy Poehler's TIME 100 Toast

Amy Poehler graciously accepts her place on the TIME 100 list, thanking all of the nannies of the world who take care of working women's children.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Orly Taitz's Non-Apology

Lawrence O'Donnell tries to get an apology from the original birther and realizes half-way through that it's a lost cause.

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OPRAH: Obama Talks Birthers

Obama jokes around with Oprah about officially releasing his birth certificate.