Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

Slate launches their own satire version of The New York Times called The Final Edition and it's just not as funny as you want it to be. [@carr2n]

Kanye West's epic Coachella set is available for unofficial download. [@pitchforkmedia]

Zack Morris was way more creepy and way less charming that I remember. [@funnyordie]

The most hipster state in the country is not what you would expect, but it somehow makes sense. [@TPM]

If Herman Cain becomes president in 2012 it's totally my fault/I'm taking credit. [@THEHermanCain]

Sarah Palin, Fox News Gang Up on Common

This is the video from Def Poetry that caused Fox News to call Common "vile" and inspired the sarcastic wrath of Sarah Palin.

IMPROV EVERYWHERE: 'Gotta Share' the Musical

Improv Everywhere responds to a request to turn off their cellphones at the GEL Conference.

Snoop Doog and Charlie Sheen Release 'Winning' Single

Just when Charlie Sheen stopped being relevant, Snoop Dogg put out a song about him.

FUNNY OR DIE: New White iPhone Ad

Funny or Die premieres the first new ad for the white iPhone 4.

'The Lion King' Meets 'The Wire'

All five seasons of The Wire, as told using The Lion King.

CONAN: Demetri Martin Shows His Drawings

Demetri Martin shows off his drawing and talks to Conan O'Brien about his new book, This Is a Book.

COLBERT REPORT: Herman Cain Wins First GOP Debate

After the first GOP debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, Stephen Colbert endorses "dark horse" Herman Cain.

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Herman Cain Wins the First Republican Presidential Debate
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DAILY SHOW / JIMMY KIMMEL: 'Just for Madmen' Osama Beard Joke

Both Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel made jokes about Osama's beard dying technique that ended with near identical mock-ups of a product called "Just for Madmen." Great minds think alike? Or is there something else going on here?

LETTERMAN: Albert Brooks Kisses Dave, Goes Viral

Albert Brooks wants his new book 2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America to succeed so badly that he's willing to join Twitter and kiss David Letterman on the lips.