Thursday, May 26, 2011

CNN: Michele Bachmann Unfazed by Palin 2012 Campaign

Michele Bachmann tells CNN's John King that a potential Sarah Palin presidential run won't affect her own decision to run or not. Yeah, ok, we'll see about that.

CONAN: Dana Carvey Does Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dana Carvey shows off his "alpha male" Arnold Schwarzenegger on Conan.

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews Endorses Sarah Palin

With Sarah Palin's announcement today that she's setting off on a East Coast tour, Chris Matthews speculates about her chances in 2012. "Where does she lose?!"

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Retweeted Links of the Day

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See what the full crop of 2012 GOP presidential candidates looked like in high school. [@TheAtlantic]

Sarah Palin is going on tour this summer! [@thecaucus]

Herman Cain has officially broken the top 5 in the latest Gallup poll. Colbert bump, anyone? [@rickklein]

You can now see all of the comedy acts at Bonnaroo without having to go to Tennessee. [@TheAVClub]

Oprah Joke of the Day from @Joan_Rivers:

MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Jason Sudeikis Crashes Emma Stone's Massage

Host Jason Sudeikis is trying to awkwardly meet all of the MTV Movie Award nominees before the big show on June 5th.

'The Muppets' Parody 'The Hangover II' Teaser

Shortly after releasing the first trailer for Jason Segel's Muppets movie, we now have a shot-for-shot remake of The Hangover II teaser from back in February.
"The Fuzzy Pack... is Backy Back."

Eugene Mirman Attacks Time Warner Cable

Euguene Mirman used his set at WNYC's Studio 360 to read aloud the angry letter he wrote to Time Warner Cable, which he also ran as a full page ad in New York Press.

Tom Hanks Addresses Yale Class Day

Tom Hanks' commencement speech at Yale is almost as funny as Amy Poehler's speech at Harvard.

HANNITY: Sarah Palin Movie 'The Undefeated' Preview

Sean Hannity premieres some raw footage from Sarah Palin's upcoming film about herself and her accomplishments.

Amy Poehler Addresses Harvard College Class Day

Boston College graduate Amy Poehler gives a hilarious commencement speech at Harvard College Class Day.

CONAN: Oprah's Audience Members Tribute

Conan O'Brien looks back at the most memorable members of Oprah's audience.

JIMMY FALLON: Crosby, Nash and Young Sing 'Party in the U.S.A.'

David Crosby and Graham Nash join Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) for a moving cover of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." One question: where was Stephen Stills?


Will Ferrell is the first guest to be totally unfazed by Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns.