Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Defends Anthony Weiner

Jon Stewart spends a good portion if his first show back from vacation sticking up for his good friend Anthony Weiner's wiener.

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Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Have a Pizza Date

Have some fun and imagine what they're saying to each other...

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand are a match made in heaven on the set of the Rock of Ages movie. [@rustyrockets]

Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black are teaming up to write a book together. Good idea, or the best idea? [@DailyIntel]
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin have a date in NYC tonight. [@rickklein]

David Sedaris wrote a delightful short story about two flies eating vomit. [@Splitsider]

Everyone knows The Hangover and The Hangover II are basically the same movie. Here's proof. [@vulture]

No, Kristen Wiig did not sleep with Joe the Plumber, despite what you've been thinking. [@ccinsider]

PROMO: 'Jon Benjamin Has a Van'

Jon Benjamin lets a man who barely speaks English promote his new show on Comedy Central, starting June 15th "after Spark."


Have you ever just wanted to put New York City on mute?

BREAKING BAD: Season 4 Promo

Looks back on the first three genius seasons of Breaking Bad in this promo for season four, now officially starting July 17th on AMC.

Fox News New York City Ticker Hacked

Looks like someone hacked the Fox News ticker at the News Corp. headquarters last night.

Get Aboard The Herman Cain Train

Herman Cain ups the ante with this four-minute country music video, trying to prove once and for all that the Tea Party isn't racist. He even gets in a reference to the "Democrat plantation."

TODAY SHOW: Mitt Romney on 'The Book of Mormon'

In an interview with the Today Show this morning, Mitt Romney said that he thinks South Park is funny and that he intends to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

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