Friday, June 3, 2011

BILL MAHER: Anthony Weiner's Democratic Wiener

Bill Maher spends most of his monologue talking about Weinergate, saying that “they know it’s a Democrat’s penis, because it won’t stand up.”

Retweeted Links of the Day

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Pee-wee Herman adopts Melissa Leo's Oscar campaign strategy for his Emmy campaign. [@peeweeherman]

BuzzFeed causes an uproar by declaring the top 10 minor Seinfeld characters. [@BuzzFeed]

Now you can get all of your Ron Swanson meat quotes in one place (with pictures!). [@AlexMLeo]

Herman Cain declares Obama unfit to run a pizza joint. [@foxnation]

Hot new trending topic of the day from @TheDailyShow:


Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells James Lipton how Eric Stonestreet is "gay for pay."

Sarah Palin's Version of Paul Revere's Ride

At Paul Revere's house in Massachusetts, Sarah Palin attempts to describe what happened on Paul Revere's ride.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Anthony Weiner Jokes Outsourced to India

The Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal was too much for Jimmy Kimmel's writers room to handle, so they outsourced the project to India.

COLBERT REPORT: Anthony Weiner Talks About His Wiener

Stephen Colbert warns other members of Congress who have funny names that their Twitter accounts could be hacked next.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Slow Jams Weinergate

It's a good thing Jimmy Fallon was on hiatus this week, so Jon Stewart had plenty of room to do his own version of Fallon's "Slow Jam the News" segment and give some important advice to his friend Anthony Weiner.