Monday, June 13, 2011

WEBBY AWARDS: Funny or Die Wins Special Achievement Award

This tribute to Funny or Die took way more than five words, but it was worth it.

John King Asks Softball Questions at CNN Republican Debate

I really hope last night Republican debate in New Hampshire included some questions that were tougher than these.

Obama Would Resign If That Was His Weiner

President Obama comments on Weinergate for the first time, saying if it was him, he would resign.

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

You can start counting down to Anthony Weiner's resignation now. [@BreakingNews]

Jon Stewart will be a guest on Fox News Sunday this week. [@HuffPostMedia]

What Saved by the Bell can teach you about being a woman. [@funnyordie]

Will Marc Maron be the latest stand-up comic to star in his own sitcom about himself? [@HuffPostComedy]

Here's how Lin-Manuel Miranda managed to write that epic Tony Awards rap. [@artsbeat]

Bringing it all together tweet of the day from @Joan_Rivers:

SESAME STREET: Grover in 'Spider-Monster the Musical'

Hot on the heels of the Tony Awards, Sesame Street presents Spider-Monster the Musical. With an added bonus of the Michael Steele puppet as the sole audience member.

Kanye West Anthony Weiner 'Runaway' Mashup

Anthony Weiner's saga meets Kanye West's ode to douchebags, assholes and scumbags in this Gotcha Media original.

Conan O'Brien Delivers Dartmouth Commencement Address

Conan O'Brien embraces failure in his commencement address the Dartmouth College graduating class.

TONY AWARDS: Neil Patrick Harris's Closing Rap

Neil Patrick Harris closes the Tony Awards with a recap rap, written by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

TONY AWARDS: 'The Book of Mormon' Performs 'I Believe'

America (or at least whatever small percentage watches the Tony Awards) got its first real look at The Book of Mormon last night. And it was hilarious.

TONY AWARDS: Neil Patrick Harris Sings 'It's Not Just for Gays Anymore'

Neil Patrick Harris enlisted the incomparable Stephen Colbert, the incompetent Brooke Sheilds and the incredible Bobby Cannvale to prove that Broadway's "not just for gays anymore" in his Tony Awards opening number.