Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CONAN: Ron Paul Wins GOP Debate

If you're judging the candidates by how many children they brought into the world.

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

This is the best use of Samuel L. Jackson since Snakes on a Plane. [@BuzzFeedFeed]

Stephen Colbert talking to anyone out of character for forty minutes is amazing, but it's even better when he's talking to Terry Gross. [@nprfreshair]

Jon Benjamin talks about his big new show starting tonight on Comedy Central. [@TheAVClub]

Kanye released a new track about how he was his "Mama's Boyfriend." [@pitchforkmedia]

FUNNY OR DIE: Jesse Eisenberg Gives Advice to Tweens

Scott Gairdner as Jesse Eisenberg hosts a new talk show called Staying Positive.

DNC Mocks GOP New Hampshire Debate

"What in the world are they talking about?"

TONY AWARDS: Lin-Manuel Miranda Closing Rap Behind-the-Scenes

Lin-Manuel Miranda takes you backstage at the Tony Awards where he and director Tommy Kail wrote Neil Patrick Harris' closing rap during the show.

JIMMY KIMMEL: James Caan School of Basketball Acting

All of the best players have trained with James "I Made Scott Caan" Caan at his School of Basketball Acting.

LETTERMAN: Betty White Top Ten List

Last time she was on the show, they drank vodka together. This time, Betty White helps David Letterman out with a top ten list on living a long and happy life.

DAILY SHOW: Anthony Weiner's Wiener Goes to the Gym

Jon Stewart is visibly disgusted with his Jewish friend's hairless body.