Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

John Edwards smiley mug shot is the creepiest thing ever. [@Salon]

Al Gore slyly hurts Mitt Romney by praising his (relatively) progressive stance on climate change. [@thinkprogress]

Shirtless Newt Gingrich is the anti-shirtless Anthony Weiner. [@Gawker]

Louis C.K. uses Twitter to semi-defend Tracy Morgan. [@videogum]

David Carr profiles Keith Olbermann for the New York Times Magazine. [@nytimes]

The Oscars switch up the best picture rules again, significantly reducing the chances that The Hangover II will get nominated.. [@ditzkoff]

Spider-Man review of the day from @SteveMartinToGo:

WEBBY AWARDS: Ira Glass Presents Award to Dan Savage

Expert storyteller Ira Glass is pretty much the best person you would want to present you with an award.

HANNITY: Donald Trump Running as an Independent?

Donald Trump has determined that if the 2012 race is between Obama, any Republican and him, there's no way the Republican is winning.

Best of Betty White Co-Hosting 'Regis and Kelly'

Betty White had some fun with Regis Philbin this morning.

ONN: 'Green Lantern' Review

The Onion News Network reviews The Green Lantern, the new movie featuring that super hero you definitely knew about before this movie.

"Green Lantern" A Superhero We All Know And Love, Says Studio

ANDERSON COOPER: Bill Maher on Anthony Weiner and Tracy Morgan

Bill Maher thinks Anthony Weiner should step down, but defends Tracy Morgan on Anderson Cooper 360.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Spider-Man the Musical Documentary

Jimmy Kimmel presents a Ken Burns-style documentary about the long and tortured history of Spider-Man the Musical.

COLBERT REPORT: New Hampshire GOP Debate Recap

Stephen Colbert gets excited about Michele Bachmann's big announcement and pretty much counts Tim Pawlenty out.

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver's Campaign Horror Film

John Oliver stars in Indecision 2012: The Awakening.