Friday, June 17, 2011

Stephen Colbert Delivers Northwestern Commencement Address

Stephen Colbert returns to his alma mater to tell some inside jokes to this year's graduates.

Weird Al as Lady Gaga in 'Perform This Way'

Here's your long-awaited first look at Weird Al Yankovic as Lady Gaga.

LENO: Larry David Defends 'The Bachelorette'

This is what happens when Larry David ends up having to sit next to the girl from The Bachelorette on the Tonight Show couch.

JIMMY FALLON: 'This Really Sucks Weiner' Song

While Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took the night off last night, Jimmy Fallon took advantage of the day's big news by fast-tracking "The Ballad of Anthony Weiner."

Sarah Palin Calls Anthony Weiner 'Impotent'

Sarah Palin finishes her Fox Business Channel interview with a solid Anthony Weiner wiener joke.

CONAN: The New Spider-Man the Musical

Conan O'Brien quotes Ben Brantley of The New York Times who said the most recent incarnation of Spider-Man the Musical is only fit for children under 10, then gives us a sneak peek of the new show. I would say it has not improved since the last three times Spider-Man performed on Conan.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Anthony Weiner's Bottomless Press Conference

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the part of Anthony Weiner's resignation press conference you didn't see on TV.

JIMMY FALLON: Keith Olbermann Special Comment

During his interview with Jimmy Fallon, Keith Olbermann delivers a Special Comment straight to the camera on why you should watch his new show on Current TV.