Thursday, June 23, 2011

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

Ron Paul and Barney Frank are teaming up to legalize pot. [@politico]

Obama's Afghanistan speech got the 2012 GOP candidates all hot and bothered. [@HuffingtonPost]

Hulu is letting Reddit users curate their home page featured videos tomorrow. [@kn0thing]

Bill Simmons' new site publishes a Humble Brag Hall of Fame. [@jpage]

Phyllis from The Office used to be an NFL cheerleader? [@Slate]

Southie Reacts to Whitey Bulger's Arrest

The Boston Globe goes to South Boston to see what locals think about Whitey Bulger's arrest.

ONN: Joad Cressbeckler on Gay Marriage

Joad Cressbeckler insists that homosexuality is necessary in cold mining camps.

Joad Cressbeckler: Homosexuality A Necessity On Cold Mountaintops

LENO: Louis C.K. Talks About Getting High

Louis C.K. spends most of his three-part interview with Jay Leno talking about how much he likes getting high.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Jon Huntsman Ad Parody

Jimmy Kimmel follows Conan O'Brien's parody of Jon Huntsman's weird teaser campaign with his own version of Huntsman's newest ad.

CONAN: Rob Corddry Would Stab His Clown Son

Rob Corddry sets off a potential controversy on Conan by saying that if his son came out to him as a clown, he would stab him in the face.

COLBERT REPORT: Obama's Afghanistan Semantics

Stephen Colbert uses "The Word" to give advice to President Obama on how to end the war in Afghanistan along with all other wars.

DAILY SHOW: Puppet John McCain on Arizona Wildfires

Jon Stewart interviews Puppet John McCain about the connection between illegal immigrants and the Arizona wildfires.

Herman Cain Calls Jon Stewart Racist

Herman Cain just started a war with Jon Stewart, repeating Chris Wallace's "Amos and Andy" accusation on Fox News Sunday this past weekend.